FolkochForm offers

In order to clarify our basic strategic challenges we first determine the overall situation for the company and our brands. The current state of the market, new acquisitions and competitors in the long and short run.

Our course for the nearest 2-3 years. What are our immidiate goals and how do get there in a careful and comprehensable way. Our roadmap and our plan to make it happened.

With all aspects at hand we build the visual and physical cornerstones one at a time. Our creative deliveries include anyting from a visual identity to buildings, blueprints and architectural solutions.

We believe in longlasting relations. Every project must have measurable goals, financially and in terms of brand perception. Therefore we always recommend that every project includes evaluation and long-term learnings. This in order to understand what has been achieved and what’s to be improved in the future.


  • Brand development
  • Strategy and visual solutions
  • Workshops
  • Visualisations
  • Packaging of your company, your product or your space and place
  • Marketing
  • Digital solutions

The concept is characterized by what we often call the basic idea. A concept must always be connected with strategy. The concept should help you package your trustworthiness. Why does a clear design concept facilitate your everyday life? How do ideas, colors and shapes transform into concrete design concepts? How do the results affect your business? If design matters?


A strong, well-differentiated brand will enhance your business growth. Find a positioning statement. Develop your brand by working with naming, graphic identity, packaging, visual solutions, and environmental design .

Branding is closely linked to the business strategy. The brand platform will provide answers to seemingly simple questions.

  • Who are we?
  • Where are we going?
  • And why?

A brand is just a combination of facts and feelings. Through models and workshops, we help you find out the current situation and possible future. Strategically and visually.


Design is about improving the experience of a company, a place, a service or a product. This leads to satisfied customers, reliable services and increased profitability for the company.

We help entrepreneurs and leaders create concepts that sell, systematize their business processes to get more clients through strategic marketing and positioning. In short; to sell with integrity and scale with confidence.