Are You Ready to Grow Your Revenue and Influence?

Is this you?

... Want help with your business, your strategy, your visualization and packaging - to build a successful brand?

... Are you confused and need systematization and processes to build a strong brand and not constantly worry about where and when you can get your next customer?

... Want to make a difference; build an authentic brand and become the leader in your own category?



... you are confused because you don't know what to do, when and how?

... you are tired of hearing you have to spend hours on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and have a successful podcast before you can get any clients?

... you have participated in various DIY programs online or invested in some business advisors and still have no results?

... you have tried to boost some posts and that doesn't give you any results?

... speaking of results, you have pretty much no idea what you should be measuring and how?

... you haven't quite managed to identify how to make your clients want to buy from you?



Consultant, coach, architect, doctor, interior designer, lawyer, beauty professional or any other service professional who offers B2C and / or B2B services …


You design physical products and want to launch an international brand selling through e-commerce, wholesale, and partners…


You want to launch an online business, or transform your current business online, either fully or partly. Online courses, membership sites, information business…


1. You are ready to work smart and effectively to reach your company goals.

2. You know success takes time but the faster you get clarity on what to offer, to whom, how to package your high-selling concept: products/services & brand…

3. And, the more systematic you implement your marketing and sales processes and automations…

4. And, the more structured you are with your branding development…


…The faster you will win.

How can we help you?

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Hello, I am Carina. My goal is to help you and your business with concept creation, branding, digital transformation, and marketing automation; to launch your company and your products and services. Get more clients through strategic marketing and visualization that makes your business stand out.

Full Clarity: understand what your individual business needs, when, why and how to implement it.

A Customized Method: a proven system to take you from your current stage to your next step.

Receive the exact amount of support, accountability, and guidance.

We are here to make it easier, faster, and more fun for you to develop and grow your business.


We have build a state-of-the-art online e-learning platform where you can learn about business growth strategies & technologies: branding, marketing, sales, digitalization, PR, leadership…


We deliver the best possible experience for you and your company to develop your brand and grow your business.


We are not here to give you advice.


You get a system.


Our only goal is to give you a system that will take you to your goals.

Faster, more safely, and without messing around with stuff that doesn’t do a shit for your business.


Building a business can be a lonely game – we know it, you know it.


That is why we want to offer the possibility to do this together.

We are here to support, cheer and guide you towards your goals.


A high-level Coaching & Consulting Accelerator Program with the Focus on your Business Strategy

This is a tailor-made growth-focused program for smart, modern companies with big ambitions. We are not business model specific, not industry specific. Together with your Coach, you get to design the strategy and action plan that works for your business no matter what industry you belong to.

We are Different.


Phase 1


We help you clarify your ideas, create your products and services, develop an internationally exciting brand and a concept that makes your clients say Yes-Please-I-Take-Two.

Phase 2


Then, we identify the strategies and tactics that work for your business and for your audience. We help you build automated systems and processes for marketing.

Phase 3


Lastly, we help you level up your game and understand your numbers and scale with confidence. Launch internationally, and build a great business.

Why is THIS HELP different?

We offer a SYSTEM that takes you from A to B. A system that takes you from start to finish. No fake tactics. No stuffy strategies. No hocus-pocus.


It does not matter if you want to launch/grow an online business, local business or B2C/B2B services, or combine these. We will design a program for you with your goals in mind, strategies and action plan that is tailor-made for you, depending on what you need.

We strategize, measure, set correct KPIs, follow up. And have fun.


We do it together with dedicated business people.


This is a transformational coaching & consulting program with a proven structure, meetings, workshops, and really great individual support. You will follow the proven curriculum with your individually created plan of action. You will have your own guide all the way.

How can I get started?

Schedule a call with me and
we can together decide if this program is the right choice for you.

Got questions? We've got answers.

I want to build an online business, is this right?

Yes. We are particularly specialized in building an EXPERT business, and how you want to deliver your expertise, that’s up to you. Inside the program, you will find both the strategies and also the technologies you need to implement in order to build an online business.

I live in different country than you

That’s ok, you will have access to the program online so that you can fit your progress around your life. We will also schedule our calls so that it works for you!

The group calls are on CET timezone, but the time varies so that everyone has a chance to join. You will also get the recordings so you can watch at any time.

How many workshops is included?

12 individual 1-on-1 workshops with your coach.

A large amount of specialist workshop (1-3 per week) covering different topics.

You will also get access to up to 4 Business Planning Circles: our popular Circles and CEO weeks, and monthly business planning sessions. During these workshops, the focus is on the following 6 pillars:

  • Financial goals
  • Products/services/deliverables
  • Markets
  • Operations: marketing, sales
  • Team/delegate/outsource
  • Back office/technology

I already have a business, I just need to learn marketing

This is a marketing program. So, welcome!

Most of our members already have businesses, some have been running businesses for 15 years. This program will be adjusted to your level.

What if I don't like the program?

Do you like getting results?

It’s less important to like the actual program, you came to us because you need help. If you have a business or work for a business where you own the brand and your own products and services, this is for you.

How much time will it take?

This is very individual and depends on so many factors. But, IF you don’t have time to build a business that you can be proud of, is profitable, and enables you to live the lifestyle as you want, then please don’t apply.

  • This program is not for dreamers.
  • It’s not for whiners.
  • It’s not a quick-rich type of bullshit scheme.

Inside Avenue, we work. When we have worked, then we play. When you have implemented the things your business needs, you get to enjoy the benefits.

But first, we work. Period.

How long is the program?

The program duration is up to 1 year.

It means that some of our members want to go faster, and some of our members want to take a full year to implement their businesses. You choose your own schedule. You can also change it in the middle of the program. This means you decide how fast you want the results!

Will I have access to the materials after 1 year?

Yes, to the frameworks and downloadable files. But the program itself, and access to the learning platform will close after one year.

If you’d like to join for another round, you’re more than welcome! We’d love to continue working with you for many years, particularly if you have a coach that you already have been working with and is fully involved in your business. Let’s talk about that after your 1st year!

What if I want to cancel?

That is up to you. We have 100% no refund policy. We work with grown-ups who make decisions to grow real businesses. If you’re not sure, please don’t apply.

I can't afford this

If you are not sure if you’d like to work with us to grow your business, schedule a shorter workshop to focus on your specific business problem.